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Welcome to Flourish, U.

Flourish, Ulimited llc

Flourish Unlimited llc is the parent company for Shine Yoga, YogaFio®, Wise Ways Wellness, and Shakti & Shri Sacred Arts. I began Flourish Unlimited in 1996. I had just graduated from Ohio University's School of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and was also working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I was looking for my business that would cover my freelance graphic arts business and my wellness business. It was at a traveling art nouveau exhibit where the word Flourish made a stamp on my heart. While my art isn't necessarily fancy, I do like at least a little bit of flair. As far as health and wellness goes, isn't that what we all really want — to flourish and to thrive.


The idea of "Flourish" (without limitation) was born. 

Since then, I have shifted my primary focus to health-based yoga practices — classes, private sessions, workshops, trainings, meditation, and yoga lifestyle practices. In 2012 Wendy Andersen handed over the director/ownership of Shine Yoga Center in Cincinnati, Ohio over to my care. While Shine has held it's own as an alignment-based yoga studio I have begin to develop my own unique method of practicing and teaching yoga. With a passion for holistic living &  well-being I have incorporated corrective exercise, functional fitness, and integrative wellness techniques into my unique yoga style and am currently codifying the style. YogaFio® utilizes the best of the ancient wisdom of yoga/meditation practices along with modern science in the fields of: exercise science, pyschology, and personal development.


Wise Ways Wellness takes the philosophy of YogaFio® off of the mat and into your everyday life as it focuses on soulful living and the cultivation of healthy lifestyle habits (like nutrition, healthy movement beyond yoga, engaged relationship, development of creativity, etc). 

While I still dabble in the fine arts, it's more of a hobby at this time but I do hope to share more of my expressive and illustrative works in the books and programs I am currently developing. 

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