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Basic Lemon Ginger Winter Elixir

After rolling out of bed, my first steps in the morning are to prepare a warm water flush. It's likely that each of us loses 2 full cups of water each night. Hydration is essential in making sure all of our systems are functioning optimally. The body absorbs warm water best. During the colder months where my energy and immunity is lower, I add nutrients to the water but in the summer, a cup or two of room temp water is ideal.

It's a snowy February morning here in the midwest. This elixir is something I drink on most cold-weather mornings. As well as benefiting from this simple tonic, I also like the ritual. I used to grate the ginger fresh each day, which really just takes a moment or two. I'm now preparing a lemon ginger concentrate that I keep in the fridge.

This post also highlights a few of what I view to be essential kitchen tools.

To make the lemon ginger elixir:

  • Peel the ginger with a good quality knife and grate the ginger on a micro-plane. For a single cup, you could grate one small knob of ginger directly into a mini mesh strainer. For the concentrate, grate a large section of ginger into a bowl.

  • Press the ginger fiber in a mesh to release the juice.

  • Combine with lemon juice. For a single cup, I use one slice. For the concentrate, I use a whole lemon.

  • I tend to go fairly light on anything that requires much production. My food philosophy aligns with the idea that mother nature provides proper proportions. If it takes a lot of production, you probably shouldn't use too much. I use about a teaspoon or two of the concentrate to enhance my morning water.

  • Lately I've been adding a tiny pinch of salt which is inspired by the book, Quench.

  • And if you are not yourself, or are serving a vegan, you might add a little honey.

Easy, peezy, warm, and spicy! Enjoy! I hope you have a great day!

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