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An Introduction

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Hello and welcome to my new site. Like most things in my life it's a work in progress. I've created it to begin to share "my work" in a new format. I am passionate about living life with purpose and creativity, motivated by meaning and inspiration by (and for) others, rooted in love, with a desire to experience and to help cultivate greater joy and a sense of freedom in the world.

I was born a deeply sensitive and curious little human being. I was not an easy one to tame and still have a hard time following other peoples "rules." I live a very intuitive life and do work that helps others plug back into their intuitive spirit as well. As a trained designer I am just as interested in the underlying structures and roots that create the framework for our organic lives to develop upon. You'll find an appreciation in my work for both the art and science of living well for the sake of ourselves and connecting to our hearts so that we can do some good for others on this planet too.

I've spent most of my life helping others to feel more comfortable in their own skins as well as in their minds. As a movement specialist, lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, and intuitive energy worker I help people shift perspectives, viewpoints, mindsets, and lifestyle habits & rituals that will support the inner alignment between body, mind, heart, and soul that allows one to live a life that is healthy, happy, and harmonious.

I started coaching people at the age of 14. I had been a gymnast - not a great one - but determined - and honestly a little bit clutsy. Clumsy and determined.... let me just say I have had more than a fair share of injuries throughout my life. Knowing I needed to quit gymnastics for my own health and not wanting to give up a sport I loved, I became a coach. Now at almost 48, I've never stopped coaching.... gymnastics, swimming, spring board diving, personal training (which turned into life coaching), and in it's own way - now as a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, mentor, and studio owner. Coaching was never something I "wanted" to do, I just found my way doing it. I love being there with people when they access new ways of seeing and being in their bodies, their minds, their world, and the heart & soul too.

While I also do healing work, it's the coaching I really love and I believe the best healers are actually coaches themselves. Inside each one of lies a great creative capacity to be uniquely ourselves that, at the same time, allows to support and inspire each other. Too often though, our cultural conditioning imprisons us with certain expectations about how we — or our world — should be. In reclaiming and celebrating our unique individuality (personality and circumstances), and in learning to make the most of it, we can experience greater personal freedom and joy. When we develop a capacity to offer to the world what makes us unique in a way that touches others in a positive way (either by being inspiring or supportive or nurturing) then the feeling of being uniquely ourselves is compounded by a sense of soul fulfillment.

My greatest hope for the work that I do is that in sharing the wisdom that I've received through my own personal experiences and from the many amazing teachers/healers I've met along the way, I may inspire/guide/support others in finding a greater sense of personal freedom, of learning to love oneself — and the world — better, and that you too will find creative ways to live authentically, joyfully, and in good relationship with the world around you.

While this site is in development, you can find out more about my work (classes, clients, workshops, trainings, and online offerings at

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