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Hey there. Welcome to the new and developing online home of Wise Ways Wellness. 
This site is newly under development. Please keep checking back for more progress, inspiration, and support on your way to wellness and wholeness. 

Currently I am the owner/director and lead teacher and teacher trainer at Shine Yoga in Cincinnati, Ohio. At this time, we are offering small in-person classes with Covid precautions, live-streaming classes, and on-demand classes. We also created the Shine Yoga Collective You Tube at the onset of Covid-19. While the channel does not contain our most recent classes, there is a nice collection of all types and levels of yoga and meditation. I have also been leading functional hatha/vinyasa yoga teacher trainings for the last 10 years. While we are currently on Covid hiatus, I will be organizing a teacher training to begin late summer of 2021.

My yoga style is rooted in traditional hatha, tantra, and vinyasa practices. It is elevated with modern exercise science, functional movement training, and lifestyle coaching principles. My intention is to help support and inspire my students on all levels of body/mind/heart/soul. All of my classes are offered at Shine Yoga Center in the East Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. You can also now join me online from anywhere! My current regular weekly class schedule is as follows:​

Wednesdays 7:30 - 845 pm  Align & Flow

My align & flow classes combine static posture work to improve energetic & musculo-skeletal balance with mindful flow to improve physical function and holistic wellness. Beyond movement for the body, my classes focus on helping students increase awareness & sensitivity so that each of us can move from a place of purposeful and harmonic action. 

Thursdays 10 - 11 am  Basics & Beginners

This class takes it's time and offers many variations of traditional yoga postures and modern functional movement exercises. As the name suggests, it's good for new beginners — but also — for anyone who wants to take their time and work in a mindfully detailed way. We work on building true core strength* which supports healthy functional movement, joint mobility, mental/emotional clarity, and personal spiritual development. (*True core strength centers around your spine and pelvis to improve balance, coordination, and freedom of movement. We will not be doing tons of crunches;-)

Thursdays 11:30 am  - 12:30 Gentle Daily Yoga

This class includes traditional elements of yoga and focuses on Functional Movement so that participants are supported in improving balance, coordination, and ease of movement. We use chairs/walls to support balance building. While this class is gentle and specifically designed for participants with joint/spine challenges or limitations, it is not a "relaxing" class. Students should be able to get up and down from the floor. 

Saturdays 10:30 - noon The Works!

The Works! is the most challenging yoga class I currently teach. It's a 90-minute full spectrum class. Classes generally revolve a pinnacle posture and a philosophical theme. Variations and modifications are offered throughout to make it a multi-level class but some yoga experience and a capacity to flow from posture to posture is suggested. The Works! will most often include time for meditation and/or breathwork (pranayama).

Saturdays 12:30 - 1:30* Yoga For Pregnancy

My Yoga for Pregnancy classes are designed to support women in any stage of pregnancy, including post-partum. This class is functional and fairly gentle in nature. Practices are offered to support the common physical and psycho-emotional challenges during pregnancy. We also explore relaxation, positioning, and other child-birth preparation practices. *Currently I am sharing this class and will be teaching every other Saturday. You can check the Shine MindBody scheduler to see who's teaching. 

Shine Yoga is located at 3330 Erie Avenue, Suite 15 • Cincinnati, Ohio • 45208

All classes are currently by registration only. Visit 

Register directly for classes through our MindBody scheduler here

We are located on the corner of Erie Avenue and Tarpis Avenue. Park in the lot behind the building.

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