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YogaFio is a division of:
WISE WAYS WELLNESS & Flourish Unlimited, llc

About YogaFio



YogaFio® was specifically created to help you optimize your personal "whole-being ~ well-being" within the scope of YOUR specific needs & goals.


We want you to feel YOUR unique best and live YOUR best life.


A YogaFio® class or session is a convenient multi-dimensional way to support "total wellness" which includes activating and nurturing your body, mind, heart, AND soul!


YogaFio® incorporates traditional yoga practices  and is enhanced by modern exercise science, psychology, and personal development techniques. YogaFio® classes and sessions are designed to be a convenient way to take care of your whole-being being well-being. A YogaFio®  class will help you calm & clear your mind, harmonize your body, and empower your spirit.

The YogaFio® Method was created to support practitioners in a wide variety of holistic well-being practices which include, but are not limited to yoga. The YogaFio® principles are designed to support practitioners whole-being well-being: body, mind, heart, and soul.

The practice intensity runs the gamut from  restorative/therapeutic > optimal daily function > general fitness > athletic/performance practices. Find the class that's just right for your personal needs & goals. 

YogaFio® is a yoga and wellness method that is designed to be just right for you — supporting YOUR individual needs and goals — even in group practices. We are here to support your holistic well-being: body, mind, heart, and soul. 


YogaFio® is guided by three major principles. It is Functional. Integrative (& Inegrated). Optimized (for PERSONAL needs, goals, & well-being.) 



It is designed to help support people in their everyday lives — whether that be good everyday functional movement and/or athletic performance.


While it can be used to support athletic and fitness enhancement and for personal growth, it’s primary purpose is to:

• meet people where they are,

• to help them feel empowered where they are, and then

• to help them decide what really matters as they may set goals for progress if desired.


The YogaFio® movement principles are based on Functional Anatomy, Alignment and Action.


(Links coming live soon.)

Click here to find out more about Functional Alignment and Movement here.


YogaFio® is an integrated modality which incorporates practices from many disciplines in order for students to practice in a truly holistic way. Personal practices should honor their multi-dimensional being-ness: body, mind, heart, and soul. While spirituality is referenced, it holds the principal of personal optimization. Spiritual components ask students to seek for themselves the wisdom that dwells within them — rather than to ask them to prescribe to some external idea of what spirituality is — or should be. This integrated and holistic approach allows the method to serve the practitioners as they are now — and as they evolve.



The YogaFio® method seeks to provide optimal practices and help practitioners to personalize and optimize those practices for their own specific needs and goals. With a set of founding principals, the YogaFio® method leaves plenty of room to adapt to new findings, breakthroughs, information,  understanding, and inspiration. At the heart of the method is an intention to help EACH individual student optimize their practices whether practicing in private or group sessions.


Click here to see our specific goals for practitioner optimization here.

What Makes Us Different From Other Yoga Styles

We are careful here to not put other forms of yoga down by pointing out some of the things we do differently. With respect, many forms of yoga are based primarily on tradition and not necessarily adapted to meet evolving scientific discovery. YogaFio® applies the latest exercise science industry recommendations so that health and well-being are prioritized over any aspect of proper performance of a pre-determined form. As the focus is on personalized anatomy, alignment, and balanced action, modifications and variations are encouraged rather than pre-described postural  benchmarks. Students are not expected to perform postures to some pre-determined “perfect” or “optimal exterior” form.

This section is still in development.


Click here to find a few examples of the movements and postures that make us different from other yoga classes you might have taken in the past.

YogaFio® Instructor Principles:

YogaFio® Class Design Principles:

Instructor Training

Top 5 reasons to take a YogaFio®  class or session.

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