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Hey there. Welcome to the new and developing online home of Wise Ways Wellness. 
This site is newly under development. I'm just getting started here. Please keep checking back for more progress, inspiration, and support on your way to wellness and wholeness. 
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For now my food posts will happen on my blog. Check it out by clicking here.

Ways to Wellness

Wise Ways Wellness (www) takes the point of view that there are MANY good ways to approach wellness. WWW is curated to help YOU find YOUR optimal path to holistic wellness and recognizes that throughout the cycles of our lives, it may serve us each to chart and navigate new paths. On a basic level, we could say that we have four major ways to wellness: through the body, through the mind, through the heart, and through spirit/soul/energy.


The Way of the Body

I'll be sharing much more in all of the areas of wellness to come. To get things rolling, we'll explore the way of the body. Yoga (the philosophy & physical practices) along with a modified style of Ayurveda are my primary paths to wellness. There will be a lot of focus in those areas in the site and program but as I have always been interested in the whole wide world of wellness, I look forward to sharing diverse offerings. Being a Taurus (earth element sign), I have always had a vested interest in the spirituality of embodiment and physicality. My teaching/coaching has revolved around movement, creative expression, art, and food since I was 14 year old. The physicality of yoga opened my heart and mind to a new level of spirituality and I am happy to share support, insight, and inspiration through my yoga classes. If you are interested in moving meditations, please check out my yoga page.



I'm also starting off here with a "FOOD" page because FOOD has a direct, immediate, and also prolonged effect on our personal and collective well-being. There is no more intimate relationship a person has, (well maybe except for breathing), than the relationship with FOOD. What we eat effects every aspect of our well-being. I'll be sharing a whole lot more about food in the future. My personal focus for food is that what I consume is that it is nourishing, enjoyable, aligns with my personal ethics and for the most part — fairly quick and easy to prepare. While I have spent many years counting macro- & micro-nutrients for myself and clients, my food style has evolved beyond "diet" and into the primary field of NOURISHMENT. My main focus on sharing food-stuff is for it to be an offering of inspiration for you to develop a healthy, happy, and harmonious relationship with the food you consume.

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